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Feria del intercambio con el Nuevo Mundo ("Fair of exchange with the New World")

This event was directed by the tourism department of the town council, in collaboration with the local development group “Zona Centro”, thanks to the development program “LEADERCAL”. This fair was located next to the Treaty Houses, because it is the place where the Treaty was signed. It took place 11 and 12 June, 2011. 

The fair reminded us one of the most important historical events nationwide, which was the Sign of Tordesillas Treaty in June 1494. Signing of treaty, also allowed a cultural, economical and social exchange between these two continents.

Everybody could visit in this fair a themed market with craftwork products; Castilian, Portuguese and American cuisine; and “tapas” from local bars at affordable prices. Samba and batucada bands, and folk dance from Mexico, Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador made the fair more pleasant. In addition, there was a show with fire, music and light projected onto Treaty Houses wall to honour this building.