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XVIII, XIX and XX Centuries - Historic Events

Historic events
Image Historic events

Tordesillas appeared in some historic documents in the year 939, when Abderraman III conquered Zamora. He lost the battle of Simancas against Ramiro II de León, Fernán González (the first count in Castile) and García Sanchez I (King of Navarra) three months later. This battle took place in Simancas and Tordesillas on the 5th of August. Tordesillas avoided Arabic domination after this battle.

These are the most important kings and events in the history of Tordesillas:

XVIII, XIX and XX Centuries
Image XVIII, XIX and XX Centuries

In 1721, Philip V ordered to build a few gardens on the esplanade opposite the Royal Palace.

In 1739 a great overflow in December, that made the medieval bridge to look very precarious.

In 1771, Carlos III, ordered to pull down the RoyalPalace, since it was in a very precarious state.

In 1787 it is founded the Royal Anonymous Society of Country Friends.

In 1808, the French Troops arrived at Tordesillas and become b in the Convent of San Francisco. On December 25,1808, chronicles recount Napoleon's arrival at Tordesillas and the interview he had with the Abbess of Santa Clara two days later, who interceded on religious Franciscans' behalf that had been condemned to death.

In 1812, as a result of the Spanish Independence War, Lord Wellington, English general, who was on the run from French troops, decides on to blow up the sixth of the bridge's arches.

In 1858, Queen Isabel II together with her husband Don Francisco de Asís and her son, the Prince of Asturias, who will be Alfonso XII in future, visit Tordesillas, staying in the House Hostel in the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara.
In 1992, the Spanish Parliament in Castilla y León authorized the creation of the Society "Fifth Centenary of the Treaty of Tordesillas".

In 1994, it is commemorated the V Centenary of the Treaty of Tordesillas by historical - artistic exhibitions, musical, theatre and cinematographic courses; writers, journalists and members of parliament conferences, crafts fairs, gastronomic days and other activities. A state society is created in order to celebrate the V Centenary of the Treaty of Tordesillas.

On June7, 1994, His Majesty the King Don Juan Carlos, Her Majesty the Queen Doña Sofía and His Excellency the President of the Portuguese Republic Dr. Mario Soares inaugurated the Houses of the Treaty after being restored. It is the date of the V Centenary of the Treaty of Tordesillas.