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Santa Junta of Communities - Historical Figures

Santa Junta of Communities
Image Santa Junta of Communities

La Santa Junta de las Comunidades, 1520-1522

In 1520, cities of old communities in Castile created these 'revolutionary courts' in Avila. Members of the citizen committees of Castile Communities in Toledo did it on his own initiative in order to draw up a joint plan of action. It was assumed the government of Castile on behalf of the Queen Joanna I. 

On September 24, 1520 the Santa Junta barristers request an audience with the Queen in the Royal Palace in Tordesillas. The same year, on September 26, the Santa Junta takes the government of Castile and a few days later there are expelled the members of the Royal Council that has been deprived of its functions. However, on December 4, 1520 it has to leave Tordesillas when imperial troops arrive there. The Santa Junta was dissolved after the members of castile communities suffered a defeat in the battle of Villalar on April 23, 1521.