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Pope Alexander VI - Historical Figures

Pope Alexander VI
Image Pope Alexander VI

Játiva, 1431 - Roma, 1503

During his term of office, the politic aspect was more significant than the ecclesiastic one. Due to his relationships and palace intrigues, his papacy was highly controversial.

Rodrigo Borja or Borgia was born in Játiva (Valencia) in 1431. He was Papa Calisto III's nephew and protégé, who appointed him cardinal in 1456. He holded the bishoprics of Valencia (1438), Oporto y Cartagena. He was "vicecanciller" of the church (entitled person to act as chancellor or fulfil some of his duties). He directed the Pope diplomacy through four pontificates (1457-1492). He was elected Pope in 1492. He had several mistresses and children, among them, Cesar and Lucrecia Borgia. He was an smart administrator and politician. He took part in the previous negotiations to the signing of the Treaty of Tordesillas with the Rumours related to Alejandro Magno. He died in 1503.