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John II of Castile - Historical Figures

John II of Castile
Image John II of Castile

Toro 1405 - Valladolid 1454 

His reign was characterized by his lack of character. In that period, it was a mobile Court that stayed in Tordesillas in numerous occasions during his reign, in the missing Royal Palace close to the Rio Douro, specifically.

He was born in 1405 and his parents were Henry III (grandson of Henry II of Trastámara) and Catherine of Lancaster (granddaughter of Pedro I el Cruel). His reign begins in 1406. While he was under age, his mother, Catherine of Lancaster, governed and his uncle, the Infante Ferdinand de Antequera, who was elected king of Aragón (1412). During his reign, he was influenced by don Álvaro de Luna; that fact created dissatisfaction among moblemen and his cousins, the infantes de Aragón, who always were against royal power until they are defeated in 1445 in the battle of Olmedo once and for all.

When the court was in Tordesillas in 1420, Enrique de Antequera assaults the Palace of Tordesillas; he manages to arrive at John II rooms, who is hold in his own palace. He also manages to capture Juan Hurtado de Mendoza to whom he moves away from Castilian political outlook and he moves Álvaro de Luna to Montalbán. However, Álvaro de Luna will be in control of the power again when he is appointed "condestable" in Tordesillas in 1423. (condestable: Man who exerted the post of the man who exerted the first militia's dignity until it becomes linked honorary title as in Aragón, Navarra and Nápoles.). In 1340, Eleanor de Aragón, who was the Infantes' mother and the aunt of the sovereign of Castile, is captured. She is shut in the Monastery of Santa Clara and freed later on condition that she didn't take part in the war that her children had with the king of Castile.

He married twice, Maria of Aragón (sister of the Infantes de Aragón) in 1420, relationship of which, the future king Henry IV will be born, and Isabella de Portugal, with whom he will have the Infante Alfonso and the future queen Isabella I la Católica.

He died in Valladolid in 1454.