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Philip I of Castile - Historical Figures

Philip I of Castile
Image Philip I of Castile

Philip the Handsome

Brujas, 1478-Burgos, 1506

He was the sovereign of the Netherlands (1482-1506) and king of Castile (1504-1506) because he got married to Joanna I of Castile.

He was born in Brujas in 1478 and his parents were Emperor Maximiliano I de Austria and Maria de Borgoña. 

He inherits the Netherlands from his mother that is governed in a very effective way from 1495. He was a great admirer of French Court. He even was on the French King side, against his father's interests, the emperor Maximiliano and his in-laws the Catholic King and Queen, who had great differences with the French Wreath. 

In 1496 he married Joanna, marriage agreed by political matters. Philip's continuous loving flings and Joanna's situation in Flemish Parliament, always put aside, would rouse that the Queen were jealous, what will end in crisis and many marriage tension. 

Because of Joanna's inability to govern, it was stipulated that Ferdinand the Catholic acted as regent until Prince Carlos, first-born son of Joanna and Philip, was of age. Philip disembarks in Spain in April, 1506 and many Castilian noblemen supported him in order to object his father-in-law's ideas. He will achieve his purpose, Ferdinand's retreat to Aragón kingdom (1506).

He dies in Burgos in 1506. When he was on his deathbed, he expressed his wish to be buried in Granada with Isabel the Catholic. Because of this, Joanna initiated a funeral cortège from Burgos that arrived at Tordesillas in 1509. His mortal remains were placed on the Royal Convent of Santa Clara where they will stay until 1525. The same year they will be taken to Granada once and for all.