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Trastámara dynasty - Historical Figures

Trastámara dynasty
Image Trastámara dynasty

Castilla 1369-1504. Aragón 1412-1516 

Trastámara was the name of a family of Castilian nobility that reigned in Castilla and Aragón. Henry II founded the dynasty. His father, the king Alfonso XI de Castilla, gave him the county of Trastamara in Galicia. Henry II was born in Seville in 1333. His mother was Eleanor de Guzmán, his father's favourite. He turned into king of Castile and León when he defeated his step-brother Pedro I in 1369. His reign lasted until 1379, its main feature was the privileges given to landowner nobility he had leant against to come to the throne.

His son, John I (1379-1390), who succeeded him, supported France when the Hundred-year war took place. Besides, he tried to dominate Portugal but he was not successful. He also claimed for his second wife's (Beatriz de Portugal) rights to come to the throne. However, he was won in Aljubarrota battle (1375). He was succeeded by his son Henry III (1390-1406), who married Catherine of Lancaster, Juan de Gante y de Constanza's daughter, Pedro I daughter. He was succeeded by John II (1406-1454) when he was a child. His successor, Henry IV (1454-1474), was criticized by an important sector of nobility that tried to impose his brother the infante Alfonso, who died soon after the farce of Avila (1465). Henry IV beside was succeeded by his sister Isabella I (1474-1504).

On the other hand, the kingdom of Aragón was unfilled when Martín el Humano dies. Ferdinand I of Antequera claims it. His brother was Henry III who succeeded to the throne of Aragón for Caspe Commitment in 1412. He was succeeded by his son Alfonso V (1416-1458) and, in turn,this one by his brother John II (1458-1479). John’s II son, Ferdinand II " the Catholic " (1479-1516) succeedes to the throne when his father dies.

Although the Catholic king and Queen, Isabella and Ferdinand, have been considered to be the last of Trastámaras, the Queen Joan of Castile was the last one actually. However she never went so far as to seize the power.