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Royal Monastery of Santa Clara - Other Must Sees

Royal Monastery of Santa Clara
Image Royal Monastery of Santa Clara
The building was declared of Cultural Interest on June 3, 1931.

This is an old palace built by Alfonso XI about the year 1340. His son Pedro I continued to build it. His favourite María de Padilla stayes at there. Later he donated the palace to his first-born daughter Beatriz who turned it into a Monastery according to his father's will.

Therefore, the current building is a complex group of premises based on the original frame of the palace.

The palace's outbuildings are mudejar style. Some artists from Toledo were made to come to Tordesillas. As a result, a great palace with large rooms around a yard was built.

In 1363, the palace was adapted for the needs of the Monastery, so that it changes its physiognomy gradually. The church (gothic style) is built in the second half of the XIVth century. The presbytery is covered with a splendid wooden frame with bright and golden colours. In the XVth century, the Chapel of Saldaña family is built. It is considered to be pne of the most splendid Gothic buildings in the province of Valladolid.

The Arab Baths are separated from the whole building. They are closely related to the Islamic examples in Andalucía. They have rooms controlled by water and staggered temperature steam with kilns under the paving.

Due to its historical and artistic importance, it is considered to be one of the best examples of mudejar art in Castile and Leon.

Building belonging to NATIONAL HERITAGE.

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