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Iglesia de San Juan

Image St. John's Church
It is built using a mixed technique: masonry, stonework, brick work and mud wall.

St. John's Church dates from the Middle Ages. However, it was totally restored in the XVIth century. Subsequently, it went through important repairs and enlargements. Therefore, it acquired the current classicist style.

Perhaps, as a consequence of successive repairs, the church has a quite irregular framework. Inside, there are two naves and its belfry tower placed at the foot of the building stands out in the outside.

The main porch opens onto the side of the Gospel that dates from the XVIIIth century and the other one, ashlar stone work, is placed on the side of the Epistle. As it was common in the XVIth century, the arch's curve is made up of an exact semicircle.

Nowadays, it is closed to worship.