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The fifth centenary of the arrival of Charles V

Charles of Habsburg was the eldest son of Joan I of Castile and Philip I of Habsburg (born 1500 Ghent, Belgium - died 1558 Yuste, Spain). He was the most powerful monarch of that time. 

During his domination, Charles inherited immense territories from his grandparents. He received Castile and Aragon, with its properties in America and in the Mediterranean from the Catholic Kings (his maternal grandparents), and Burgundy and the German Holy Roman Empire from Maximillian and Mary (his paternal grandparents).

His first visit to Spain was in 1517 when he got off at Tazones port (Villaviciosa). Then, he went to San Vicente de la Barquera, Aguilar de Campoo, Becerril de Campos and Tordesillas.

This last town, Tordesillas is the place where he got his mother’s support to govern the kingdom. Afterwards, he was crowned as king in Valladolid on the 9 February, 1518.

Five hundred years later, all the towns the king passed through on his first travel are joined together by a cultural and tourist route, with celebrations and events that lasted until the spring of 2018.