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Historic Events

Historic events
Image Historic events

Tordesillas appeared in some historic documents in the year 939, when Abderraman III conquered Zamora. He lost the battle of Simancas against Ramiro II de León, Fernán González (the first count in Castile) and García Sanchez I (King of Navarra) three months later. This battle took place in Simancas and Tordesillas on the 5th of August. Tordesillas avoided Arabic domination after this battle.

These are the most important kings and events in the history of Tordesillas:

 Image X Century
X Century
The village is dominated again by Arabians during the kingdom of Garcia I Fernández in 981, at the same time Almanzor encamps in Rueda, eight kilometres far from Tordesillas. Sancho García, Fernán González's grandson, liberates Tordesillas from...
 Image XII and XIII Centuries
XII and XIII Centuries
Fernando II of León and Alfonso VIII of Castile signed a peace treaty for both kingdoms in 1180. In 1262, Alfonso X "The Wise" concedes Tordesillas "Fuero Real" (Royal Privilege). This was a privilege for some towns in Castilla. These towns were...
 Image XIV Century
XIV Century
The King Alfonso XV and his son Pedro I "The Cruel", some years later, built the Mudejar Real Palace in 1340. This palace was the residence of Leonor Guzman. In 1353, Blanca de Borbón, the legitimate wife of Pedro I, made the palace her residence,...
 Image XV Century
XV Century
Around the year 1400, the monarch Enrique III orders to build a new palacenear the Convent of Santa Clara, also put out to the river Douro. Tordesillas is receiving importance and it obtains his major historical summitwith the Trastamaras. At the...
 Image XVI and XVII Centuries
XVI and XVII Centuries
In 1509 the queen Juana I of Castile arrives at Tordesillas with the corpse of her husband, which is deposited in Santa Clara for thirteen years until it is moved to Granada. She will be shut in here for 46 years until her death in 1555 when she...
 Image XVIII, XIX and XX Centuries
XVIII, XIX and XX Centuries
In 1721, Philip V ordered to build a few gardens on the esplanade opposite the Royal Palace. In 1739 a great overflow in December, that made the medieval bridge to look very precarious. In 1771, Carlos III, ordered to pull down the RoyalPalace,...