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 Image Museum of the Treaty of Tordesillas
Museum of the Treaty of Tordesillas
The museum is situated at the Treaty House, one of the noblest buildings existing in Tordesillas during the XV Century.
 Image Royal Monastery of Santa Clara
Royal Monastery of Santa Clara
The palace's outbuildings are mudejar style. Some artists from Toledo were made to come to Tordesillas. As a result, a great palace with large rooms around a yard was built.
 Image Treaty Houses
Treaty Houses
They are two jointed palaces where tradition locates negotiations between Castile and Portugal that ended with the Tordesillas Treaty's signature on June 7, 1494.
 Image National Meeting of 'Seat 600'
National Meeting of 'Seat 600'
For the automobile world enthusiasts and specially of the mythical and famous 'Seat 600' takes place in Tordesillas the National Meeting of 'Seat 600', organized by the Seat 600 Friend's Club of Tordesillas. For more information about the meeting...
 Image Nature Reserve Banks of Castronuño
Nature Reserve Banks of Castronuño
The nature reserve is considered a Special Protection Area for Birds (ZEPA, in spanish Zona Especial de Protección de las Aves) at an european level
 Image Historic events
Historic events
Tordesillas is a town full of history. From the Arab domination and the Reconquista, to the Treaty of Tordesillas that divided the world between Spaniards and Portuguese, through the Revolt of the Communards, the War of Independence, etc.