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Iglesia Museo de San Antolín

Image Church Museum of Saint Antolín
San Antolín Church Museum was declared of Cultural Interest on April 30, 1998.

It is a building made of ashlar stones and bricks. Its only nave is divided into sections with chapels in both sides. The Alderete Chapel is leant where the epistle is. This part, that represents the noblest part of the temple, was founded at the end of XVth century and built through the XVIth century according to gothic flemish stylistic norms at that moment. The rest of the church is built at the end of the XVIth century as well as at the beginning of the XVIIth century. This is a gothic style church.

Actually, San Antolín Church turned into a museum.

An alterpiece with the holy incumbent image can be contemplated on the main chapel which is covered with star-shaped diagonal arches that are crossed to get the vault shape. Where the Gospel is placed, three chapels open among the buttresses: Ulloa Chapel, Acebedo Chapel and the baptistery. Some plateresque bars separate he splendid Alderete Chapel that is placed on the side of the Epistle. Gaspar de Tordesillas is the author of the founder's grave made of alabaster in a plateresque style. It is placed in the middle of the chapel. Juan de Juni made some sculptures that can be observed on the alterpiece. It can be gained access to the vestry from this chapel as well as to the rostrum through a spiral staircase that takes to the tower and roof. Both of them have been turned into a wonderful vantage point.