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Casas y Palacios

Image Houses and Palaces
The Houses and Palaces of Tordesillas, traces of its last magnificence, are evidence of its court activity that stood out from medieval times.

They are located all along the four streets that lead to the Main Square. Most of them date from the XVIth century when the village was at its very peak.

Generally, they are two-storey buildings. Wooden eaves crown them as well as entrances with arches whose bend is made up of an exact semicircle and big keystones.

One of them is placed in Plaza Roma near St. Peter's Church, where screens belonging to the XVIth century are highlighted.

Another one, that is built using stones, is at San Antolín street. It looks like a fortress because of its battlements. The Alderete, a very powerful family, was its owner (D. Pedro González de Alderete was the village alderman in the XVth century).

The Treaty Houses are placed near San Antolín Church Museum. The Treaty of Tordesillas was signed there in 1494 (see monuments in the Treaty Houses).