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Casas del Tratado

Image Treaty Houses
Treaty Houses are a building that has been declared of Cultural Interest on June 13, 1996.

They are two jointed palaces where tradition locates negotiations between Castile and Portugal that ended with the Tordesillas Treaty's signature on June 7, 1494.

The low floor is built using big ashlars and two upper floors with bricks.

They were not built at the same time. The oldest House dates from the end of XVth century. Tordesillas Treaty negotiations took place there. The Catholic Monarchs Royal coat of arms is placed over its door as well as the owners' coat of arms, Alfonso González de Tordesillas and Leonor de Ulloa.

The other House dates back to the second half of the XVIIth century. Its great volume and Another house is of the second half of the 17th century and his(her,your) great volume and noble elements prove that it belonged to a distinguished family.

They were restored when it was commemorated the Vth Tordesillas Treaty hundred-year-old. Nowadays, the building is used for tourist and cultural purposes.